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Below are the requirements that must be met to apply on-line for a Indiana Personal Protection Permit. As of October 1, 2014 all applications must be completed on line at the following address: https://firearms.ariesportal.com

1. You must live or work within the city limits of Evansville. If you live outside the city limits you must apply with the agency of that jurisdiction.  

2. If you have a current Handgun License, you may apply within 180 days of your present expiration date. If current license is within 30 days of expiration date, the existing license is automatically extended upon payment to local jurisdiction.  Every initial application for any handgun license shall be granted or rejected by the Indiana State Police after the application is filed with the Evansville Police Department (EPD) and fingerprinted at Morphotrust (L-1).

3. You must be at least 18 years of age and US citizen. Provide  documents and/or passport if born outside of the United States when paying local fee at EPD. This will assist Homeland Security justify your US citizenship.

4. Applicant must have an credit card and email address before completing application on line. A "CREDIT CARD" (YOUR BANK DEBIT/CREDIT CARD WILL DELAY PROCESSING) and "EMAIL ADDRESS" will be required to complete the application on line.   Indiana State Police Firearms (ISPF) notifies you by email for additional information.

5. . You must complete the ISPF application on-line at http://firearms.ariesportal.com answering in full each and every question/inquiry.

6. Submitting false information or deliberate omissions will be grounds to deny the approval of your application.

7. Once the ISPF application is submitted on line, you must set up an appointment at MorphoTrust USA

(1-877-472-6917) along with their fee for processing your fingerprints.

MorphoTrust USA (formerly L-1 Identity Solutions is located in business complex behind Grandy’s off of First Avenue).

2532 Waterbridge Way

Evansville IN 47710


8. After submission of your ISP firearms application on-line, and you live inside the “city” limits, your next step is to pay your local fee at the Evansville Police Department Central Records Division, located at the Civic Center, 15 NW Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (excluding holidays). No appointment is necessary. 

9. The EPD Local Application Fee is due once your application has been submitted on-line. This fee must be made by Money Order or Certified Check and should be made payable to EPD. A $2.00 cash only notary fee is charged when you sign the Local Evansville Police Department application. Your Indiana driver’s license and or identification card must have your current residence registered with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicle.

                                 FEES FOR FIREARMS PERMITS


EPD Local Application

Fee (Money Order or Certified Check only)

along with $2.00 cash

only notary fee.

    Indiana State     Police Fee

    (to be paid on     line with credit     card).



4 Year Personal Handgun License





Lifetime Personal Protection (no current handgun license)



Lifetime Personal Protection (current valid handgun license)



4 Year Hunting and Target (handgun license)



Lifetime Hunting and Target no current valid handgun license)



Lifetime Hunting and Target ( current valid handgun license)



Retired Sworn Law Enforcement Officer **

Fee exempt

    Fee exempt

Retired Sworn Corrections Officer **

Fee exempt

    Fee exempt

Licensed Firearms Dealer

Fee exempt

    Fee exempt

Duplicate (for lost or stolen license, change of address)



*A portion of the EPD local fee is refunded if a license is not issued by the Indiana State Police.

**Certain longevity requirements apply.

All fees that are listed under “EPD Local Application Fee” should have payment made out to EPD

All fees that are listed under “Indiana State Police Fee” paid on-line with "'CREDIT CARD".

10. Your handgun application will be held on-line by the Indiana State Police for 120 days. (If over 120 days, contact EPD to see if application is still accessible.

11. Indiana law requires an investigation into your criminal history records.

12. Once your fee has been paid at MorphoTrust USA and EPD, your license when approved or disapproved by ISPF, will be sent to the address indicated on your application within “8” weeks.

13. The EPD Record Room can be contacted at 812-436-7956 Monday – Friday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, excluding holidays.

14. When traveling out of the State of Indiana, check on-line with the National Rifle Association (NRA) for confirmation of the states that recognize the Indiana Personal Handgun License.

15. The ISP Firearms Division or the NRA websites have several questions and answers that may be helpful for an applicant.