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Crime Prevention Unit

The Evansville Police Department embraced Community Based Policing in 1991. At that time the city was divided into three sectors. Those sectors contained smaller areas, referred to as “BEATS”. This change opened the door for better communication between officers, the residents, and business owners. We began fighting crime as a group and continue to do so today. This philosophy is reflected in our department motto, “In Partnership With The Community”.

One of the biggest events for which the crime prevention officers are involved is National Night Out. It is held on the first Tuesday of every August. The city hosts a family picnic at Wesselman Park. The police department partners with many groups and agencies during this event, and food and drinks are served free of charge. Our department has been recognized many times throughout the years for participation in National Night Out. Evansville has received national recognition several times for cities between 100,000 and 300,000 residents.

The Crime Prevention Unit is supervised by a sergeant assigned to the Crime Prevention Office, 401 E. Columbia. He is responsible for all Housing & Crime Prevention Officers (CPO’s) within all three sectors and may be reached by calling (812) 435-6039. There are currently 9 Crime Prevention Officers assigned throughout the three sectors. To speak with your area Crime Prevention Officer, call the Crime Prevetion Office at (812) 435-6135 or their direct number below.

Sgt. Ted Karges


CPO/Housing Unit Commander










Meet Your Crime Prevention Officer


CPO Nick Sandullo  (812) 435-6035


Beat South 1: Area bordered by Lloyd, Kentucky, Washington & Riverside
Neighborhood Associations:
Blackford Grove, Ballard, Wheeler, Downtown, Bellemeade/Bayard Park, Old Evansville

CPO Jared Lafollette (812) 435-6036


Beat South 2:  Area bordered by Washington, Kentucky, Veterans, & Riverside
Neighborhood Associations:
Tepe Park, Glenwood, Culver, Goosetown


CPO Chad Diedrich (812) 435-6037


Beat South 3:  Area bordered by Lloyd, Weinbach, 164, & Kentucky
Neighborhood Associations:
President’s, University South, Lincolnshire, Akin Park



CPO Anna Gray (812) 485-3064


Beat East 1 & 4:  Beat 1 bordered by Green River, Morgan, Hwy 41, & city limits to the north.  Beat 4 bordered by Lloyd, 164, Pollack & Green River
Neighborhood Associations:  Timber Park, Willemette, Greater Oakhill, Hoosier/Cullen


CPO Jay Pagett (812) 485-3065

Beat East 1&2

Neighborhood Associations: South Lincoln Park, Vogel/Spring Park,Gum/Bayard Park/Chandler, Alvord BLVD, Midtown




CPO Andy Carlile (812) 485-3063


Beats East 3 & 5:  Beat 3 bordered by Washington, Green River, 164 & Weinbach.  Beat 5 bordered by Lloyd, Green River, & city limits to the north & east
Neighborhood Associations:  Fickas Rd, Eastview, Ross Ctr, Lorraine Pk, Southeast Side, S. Dexter




CPO/K9 Nick Henderson (812) 435-6105


Beat West 1:  Area bordered by St. Joe, Broadway, & city limits to the west & north

Neighborhood Associations:  Hilltop, Poplar Grove, Western Terrace, Helfrich



CPO Kenny Duetschke (812) 435-6103


Beat West 2:  Area bordered by Lloyd, St. Joe, Diamond & First Ave.

Neighborhood Associations:  STAR, CHAIN




CPO Shawn Chapman (812) 435-6106


Beat West 3:  Area bordered by First Ave., Diamond, 41 & Lloyd

Neighborhood Associations:  Jacobsville, Business 41, Diamond/Stringtown



CPO/K9 Nick Henderson (812) 435-6105


Beat West 4:  Area bordered by 41, Diamond, Kratzville & city limits to the north

Neighborhood Associations:  North Country Club




In an effort to combat the problems that arise from distressed rental properties, the Evansville Police Department is sponsoring a creative, successful program developed in Mesa, AZ back in the early 1990’s.  This program, Crime Free Multi-Housing©, is currently used in approximately 2,000 cities worldwide, in more than a dozen countries.  It’s a new way for EPD, local landlords, and tenants to work together to combat the issues of crime and nuisance behavior at duplexes, apartment communities, and other rental properties.  It addresses these issues through better tenant screening, attempting to ease eviction processes, better sharing of information between communities and EPD, education on criminal behavior and its infectious nature, and involving the community residents and landlords together by assigning them both responsibility and accountability, without decreasing their voice in how their community is run.


Officer Kevin Corbin                                        Officer Eric Krogman
(812) 485-3061                                              (812) 435-6116

kcorbin@evansvillepolice.com                         ekrogman@evansvillepolice.com