Crime Scene Unit

The Crime Scene Unit (CSU) provides investigative services 24 hours per day/365 days per year.

Phone: (812) 436-7910
Fax: (812) 421-8154

Crime Scene Officers’ responsibilities include identifying, processing, analyzing, documenting, and preserving evidence found at crime scenes. The unit is staffed with one sergeant and nine officers. The main objective of the CSU is to provide court-usable evidence, documentation and testimony in -- but not limited to -- fingerprint and shoeprint impressions, bloodstain pattern analysis, photography, video analysis, and crime scene reconstruction in order to support the efforts of the various investigative units of the Evansville Police Department.



Are the portrayals of CSI detectives on the popular television shows an accurate representation of real life investigators?
No. Unfortunately the majority of criminal investigations cannot be solved in one hour or less. Processing a crime scene is often a long (hours or even days), tedious and occasionally, stressful event. In a homicide investigation for example, our Crime Scene Investigators can spend many hours over several days to ensure all evidence is accounted for properly. Then many more hours of work are involved in processing the evidence and preparing presentations and testimony for court.



Cyber Crimes

Cyber Crime is investigated.  Responsibilities:  Seize, examine, and retrieve hidden and or encrypted files, programs and information from an offender’s computer and hard drives without altering that information.  Detectives also investigate crimes that are committed by the use of a computer or against someone’s computer or their network.



Is it illegal to solicit money for a group over the internet?
If it is a legitimate not for profit organization, then that is legal. However, many groups are trying to disguise their requests for money or to gain your personal information by pretending to be a bank, government agency or business. Also many criminals will try to gain money illegally through various sweepstakes and lottery scams. Research any request for money or your personal information very thoroughly.