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Adult Investigations

AIU continues the investigations initiated by the Patrol Division or by assignment from the Chief’s office.  These investigations include responding to crime scenes, conducting interviews of all parties involved, obtaining and executing search and arrest warrants.  Investigators have the responsibility to sort out the facts of a crime and establish probable cause to support the arrest and conviction of the offender.  Investigators prepare criminal case files to ensure proper charges are filed and assist at trial when needed.  The Crime Scene Unit (CSU) is attached to AIU.

AIU Is located at the Civic Center building and provides investigative services 24 hours per day / 365 days per year.  They can be reached at (812) 436-7979 or (812) 436-7983

 AIU Staffing: one Lieutenant, four Sergeants, twenty Detectives, and one Civilian.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Can citizens swear out a warrant for someone’s arrest?

A: No. Placing someone under arrest requires an investigation to establish legal probable cause.  If you have information relating to an individual’s criminal activity you may contact the proper investigative unit for follow-up, or contact 911.


Q: If I file a police report will a detective automatically conduct an investigation?

A: No.  All police reports are reviewed for solvability factors.  If there is no suspect information or evidence available for follow-up, the report will be kept on file.  If evidence is developed at a later time, a detective will be assigned to conduct an investigation.